House Concerts at Glenbrook feature singer songwriters, acoustic musicians and Celtic artists in a cozy atmosphere -- our livingroom. Sometimes we have surprize guests, just because we love their music. While our yard may not be cozy, it's still a great outdoor venue for summer concerts. You'll really enjoy getting to know the musicians and your new friends in the audience. Most of all you'll experience music in a fresh and engaging way. We live in the Clintonville area of Columbus and our living room can squeeze in around 50 chairs and their inhabitants. Our yard hovers over the Overbrook Ravine, surrounded by woods and flowers. This is our 15th year of hosting house concerts and they are really a lot of fun. You get to meet nice people who also enjoy great acoustic music.

Bring a snack or a beverage to share with friends and fellow music lovers.

Reserve a space by sending an e-mail and then your check to Thom McCain (we'll cash it the day of the performance). The musicians get all the money.

Past Performers at House Concerts @ Glenbrook

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Upcoming Concerts at Thom and Jan McCains

April 25th


Bob Lucas

May 15

The Bombadills


June 27


Jill Chambliss and Scooter Muse


August 29


2016 Bookings to date

Bryan Bowers, January

Claudia Schmidt, May

Call Jan or Thom 614-268-6189

Write: if you have questions or wish to be added to the mailing list. Visit our Facebook Page --

Click for Directions to McCains' at Glenbrook: 146 Glenmont Avenue, Columbus OH 43214